8 Août 2018 à 09h29 - 2069

I introduce you to my horse

I’m not so good at gymnastic but I like to do it for my horse. May I introduce you Charlie, my horse, he is a start because he is the best rider.

A horse is handsome and amazing

I like horses and I ride with it until 7 years old, yes, it’s been some big experiences. I’d like to share with you how I treat Charlie every day. A horse is like a person; they need to be cleaned. You have to give him a bath. It better that you use a boring pipe and poor waters on your horse coat. After apply shampoo special horses and be careful to your eyes. You must protect your hands with gloves and spread this product along his body. Wait 5 minutes before rinse it with warm water. Then, you have to brush him to be handsome. Now, we have to prepare to our time of gymnastic horse. First of all, we must be on uniform, boots, helmet and better a pant trouser to be comfortable of all moves.

A real cowboy

And now, the choice of horses’ equipment, the most important is the saddles. There are so many choices in the marketplace, but better choose cwd used saddles on 17’’ sizes to a mixed position to the best jumping and to your comfort also. When you train your horse, you need a rope, a girth and the saddle. My technic to put my saddle on the right position is to wrap the rope around his belly. That is the first thing to do before buying your saddle, your will get the best measure with a flat larger, even your leg is not too long. Before putting the saddle, you first introduce your saddle pad. It is not obligatory, but to take care of his back, better you protect it. Now, you can put your saddle and go slowly to attach the girth.

You know, to treat a horse need time and be patient, because all new things are a long education time.