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Equitack's large selection of used horse saddles

It's not easy to find your way through the process of buying a saddle. What budget do you need? Which model to take ? Cleat, not cleat, new or used. There are answers to all these questions, so do not hesitate to contact Equitack for help with choosing a saddle. You can also consult on this site some precious indications. Click here for more information!

Equitack and products

Equitack offers a large selection of saddle equipment for both the horse and rider. Whether for jumping, training, riding, endurance or hiking, you will find in their store all the products adapted to your discipline.

Different saddle models depending on the discipline

The model of saddle is to choose according to the discipline practiced because the characteristics and the points of support are different from one saddle to another. A saddle adapted to your discipline of choice allows you to have a good position on horseback, but also to give the best of yourself.

The obstacle saddle

In jumping, the rider is regularly in balance to jump. The saddle of obstacle, cut in front, has quarters short and pronounced forward to well accommodate the knees. The seat is flat and slightly hollow to give more ease to the rider at the time of the jump.

The saddle training

Unlike the previous one, the training saddle is cut straight and designed for a rider often sitting to work his recovery. His leg went down. It is said that he is "shod long". The quarters are long to position themselves under the rider's leg. The front cleats, much more pronounced than the obstacle, allow a good position of the leg.

The saddle hiking

The seat is hollow and wider than the others, which is appreciated by the rider sitting for several hours. Neither he nor the horse should get tired. The saddle for hiking is equipped with large padding to properly distribute the weight of the rider on the back of the animal.

Equitack is your stool supplier of good quality occasions. Several models are available, and saddles are also made to measure.


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